Highroad Athletics

The purpose of Highroad Academy’s Athletic Program is to help students develop their God-given athletic skills and to use those skills for the Glory of God. Training with intensity, working together as a team, and competing against other athletes are valuable ways to develop leadership, discipline, perseverance, passion, integrity, teamwork and respect.

Our first and foremost priority is to be Christians and then to be athletes.

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We want to help our student athletes to grow and become better athletes, but also to help them realize that athletics is only part of our vision for their growth. 1 Timothy 4:8 tells us that athletics and training is of value, but Godliness is more valuable as it impacts us in the present and for all eternity.

When students are part of a team, they learn they are constantly learning and developing through practice and in games. They learn what it takes to win and how to respond when you lose. Athletics teaches students many important skills for their lives now and in the future.

We connect with other schools, athletes, and athletic associations, and we partner with families to develop athletes who excel both on and off the court and honour God in all we do. We want to be recognized as a school that plays hard and has a great reputation of integrity.

Our student athletes serve our community at Highroad through teaching and developing the younger students in our Little Diggers and Little Hoopsters programs. These volleyball and basketball programs allow our High School students to lead activities, teach volleyball and basketball skills and to help them become better athletes. The elementary students have students to look up to as role models and the high school students learn the importance of service and leadership.