Highroad Academy, a K-12 independent school, and its extension, Highroad Children’s Centre, offer top quality Christian education to families of the upper Fraser Valley.

Principal's Message

Hi!  I’m Stuart Morris, Principal of Highroad Academy, and I’d like to tell you a few important things about our school.  We have strong, award-winning academics. Read More...

Handbook & Policies

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the the Highroad Academy Student Handbook , which contains our values, goals, structure, and attendance and discipline policies.

To view tuition fees and policies, please read the Enrollment Contract and the Tuition and Payment Policy

Listed here are a number of important documents and policies.  Please take the time to review them carefully.

- Attendance Policy
- Discipline Policy Grades K - 6
- Discipline Policy Grades 7 - 12
- Uniform Policy
- Technology:  Appropriate Usage Policy
- Student Relationships Guidelines
- Community Service Rationale



Today’s Date: _____________________

This application is for students presently enrolled at Highroad Academy who desire to return for the 2014/2015 academic year. The registration fee of $25.00 per family should accompany this application and is not refundable. Please return this form to the school office before February 21, 2014.

> 01 Student Information
legal last name first second

Name __________________________________________________________
Name __________________________________________________________
Name __________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________ City_______________________ Prov._________ PC__________ Phone ___________________ Parent Cell __________________ Parent email _________________________ Name of home church: ___________________________________ Pastor:______________________________

Do you attend your home church on a regular basis? YesNoHave you moved to a new church in the past year? YesNoIf yes, a new “Pastor’s Confidential Reference Form ” is required

> 02 Student’s Commitment

This section must be read and understood by all students. Students re-applying for entrance into grade four through twelve must sign below, indicating that they have read and commit to abide by these standards.

As a student of this Christian school, I will act in an orderly and respectful manner. I will maintain Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, morality and honesty. I will strive to be of unquestionable character in dress, conduct and all other areas of life. I agree to abide by the policies of Highroad Academy. I will uphold the school’s standards against cheating, swearing, smoking, inappropriate sexual behaviour, gambling, using or talking favourably about drugs or alcohol, and using inappropriate language. I will not give the impression to students, parents, faculty or the community that I am not in harmony with the goals, aims and standards of this Christian school. I understand that these standards apply 24/7 to all aspects of my life, including my interactions on the internet and social media.

I understand the scriptural importance and value that faithful and consistent church life adds to my spiritual development and I demonstrate this commitment by weekly attendance at church services and youth events.
By signing this form, I am indicating my agreement to the above, and I am indicating that I want to attend this school.

Student Name & Signature _______________________ _________________________ Date ___________ Student Name & Signature _______________________ _________________________ Date ___________ Student Name & Signature _______________________ _________________________ Date ___________

Current grade _______ Current grade _______ Current grade _______

Revised January 7, 2014

> 03 Parent’s Commitment: please initial box to indicate you have read and agree

  •   We recognize the vital and important role that parents and the home fulfill in providing a foundation for the success of our child. We understand and share the standards and values that Highroad Academy, under the leadership of City Life Church, seeks to instill and reinforce in our young people’s lives. We recognize and support the spiritual atmosphere and tone that the school’s administration seeks to maintain. In consideration of this, we commit our family and ourselves in the following ways, with God’s help and to the best of our ability.

  •   Moral Standards: We are in agreement with the moral standards of Highroad Academy. We believe and are committed to live and model Biblical standards in every area of our family life. We do not tolerate profanity, obscenity in word or action, or dishonour to the Godhead, the Word of God, or the staff and leaders of the school and church. We understand the command of scripture to live in moral purity and we commit ourselves and our family to being examples of Biblical morality. We agree that the Bible is the final authority on all areas of morality and sexual purity, including an understanding of covenant marriage between a man and a woman as the only acceptable standard for sexual expression. We stand against non-Biblical cultural attitudes that erode sexual purity in our young people. We agree that these standards also apply to online and social media interactions and behaviours. We have read, agree with, and will support the Student Relationships guidelines for Highroad Academy. We have read, agree with, and will support the Appropriate Usage Electronics Policy of Highroad Academy.

  •   School Discipline: We agree to support the school policies and regulations and authorize the school staff to employ discipline as they deem just, wise and expedient for the training of our children. We understand that the school reserves the right, after parental conference, to dismiss any child who fails to comply with the established regulations and discipline or whose parents do not assume their responsibilities to the school. We have read, agree with, and will support the Highroad Academy Discipline Policy K - 6 and Discipline Policy 7 - 12 .

  •   Academic Standards: We agree to uphold the high academic standard of the school by providing a place at home for our student to study, by encouraging our child in the completion of homework and assignments, and by supporting consistent daily school attendance. We have read, agree with, and will support the Highroad Academy Attendance Policy .

  •   School Participation: We understand that our child is expected to take part in school activities, including sports and school sponsored trips away from the school building. We understand that students in grades 7-12 will be involved on a regular basis with service and outreach activities. We absolve the school and staff members from liability in the case of any injury at supervised school activities. We have read the Service and Outreach Rationale for Highroad Academy and give our consent for our student (grade 7-12) to participate in these service and outreach activities.

  •   Financial Responsibility: We commit to assume our scriptural and contractual responsibility to financially support the school by paying all tuition and other fees in a timely manner. We understand that Highroad Academy is a uniform school and commit to purchase the uniform and uphold these standards. We have read, agree with, and will support the Highroad Academy Uniform Policy .

    Parent’s Signature _________________________________________ Date _______________ Parent’s Signature _________________________________________ Date _______________

Revised January 7, 2014