Highroad Parent Portal

Student grades and more! Click on one of the banners to get more information on what is happening at Highroad Academy. You can access your child's grades, photos from events and other information by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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Class Blogs

Our class blogs provide valuable information and resources for both students and parents. Get timely information about events happening in your child's class by clicking on one of the links below.

Full Time Kindie Corner - Mrs. Larsson
Adventures in Kindie - Mrs. Morris
Math High
- Mrs. Bartel
The Grade 4 Blog - Mr. Meyerhoff
- Mrs. Goosen and Mrs. Derksen
Ms. Evans' Class Blog - Ms. Evans
Mrs. Folkerts' Class - Mrs. Folkerts
The Mr. H and Mrs. Colceriu Project - Mr. Hancock and Mrs. Colceriu
Highroad Academy International Department News - Mrs. Basaraba
Miss Stark's Class
- Miss Stark
Miss Warden's Star Blog - Miss Warden
Adventures in Grade 2 - Miss Rast
Highroad Athletics - Mr. Milec
Mr. Wolfsen's Secret Agent Headquarters - Mr. Wolfsen