Mission, Vision and Values


Vision Statement:

“To be a school that excels in academics, outreach, and Christian character.”

Mission Statement:

“Pursuing God.  Pursuing Excellence.”

Our Defining Words:

Grow, Learn, Connect, Serve

Core Values:

1. Developing authentic personal relationships with Jesus Christ.
2. Strengthening the unique value and character of each individual.    
3. Inspiring passionate, creative, and responsible learners.
4. Reaching our world through service and leadership.
5. Connecting with families, churches, and communities.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The safety and wellbeing of children in at Highroad Academy is of paramount consideration. Children deserve to be protected from abuse, neglect, bullying, harm or threat of harm. Therefore, the staff will ensure that children attending our school will experience a learning environment that enables every child to feel safe, accepted and respected.

We will continuously develop strategies to make students feel valued, respected and connected within the school community. This will include the protection of the students’ physical safety, social connectedness, inclusiveness as well as protection from all forms of bullying, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, while remaining consistent with the independent school’s faith-values, cultural perspectives and philosophical values.