International Student Program

Highroad Academy welcomes students from around the world to our campus. Our unique programs give students an opportunity to develop English language skills, to excel at academics and become part of a caring community that truly demonstrates the love of Christ, both at school and at home with home stay families.

At Highroad Academy international students are fully integrated into the Canadian classroom.  Our teachers are all BC certified and we teach government accredited curriculum. To facilitate a well rounded education we offer a selection of music, fine arts, extracurricular clubs (including athletics) and leadership courses.

We teach all subjects from a Christian perspective and inspire all of our students to live a life of faith as they explore God's world through mathematics, literature, social studies, science and the many other courses that are offered.

Our ELL (English Language Learner) program offers a BC Ministry of Education accredited ELL course from Grades 9 - 11 as well as ELL Support and IELTS preparation for our students. This comprehensive program helps prepare our International students for graduation and entry into university.

Resource > GrowINT.jpg by:Not only is Highroad Academy a school with a history of high academic standing, but we are also committed to our students’ emotional and spiritual well-being.  All classes are taught from a Christian perspective, and all students are encouraged to excel in academics, spiritual life and extracurricular activities.

Resource > LearnINT.jpg by:Students who are looking for an exciting challenge can learn English and experience our unique Canadian culture.  All students are encouraged to excel in academics, spiritual life and extracurricular activities.

Resource > ConnectINT.jpg by:There is a choice of programs at Highroad Academy: come as part of an organized group for two or three weeks, visit us for a short-term visit of less than six months, enroll for a full year, enroll in Grades 9 – 12 as a long-term student and earn a British Columbia graduation certificate.

Resource > OptimizedServe.jpg by:The world needs you!  Our graduates are the world changers of their generation. We encourage our students to develop their God given gifts, so that they in turn can serve here in Canada and back home in their own countries.