Why Highroad Academy?

In this rapidly changing, technology filled, culture-driven world, parents desperately need support raising their children to know God. They need partners that will reinforce the values and Christian worldview taught at home and at church.

At Highroad Academy, we believe that we have all been uniquely created by God and we find our purpose in Him. We partner with families to offer a compassionate, Christ-centered, educational experience where we focus on the inside-out development of individuals who intentionally represent Jesus in our world.

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At Highroad Academy, we invest in the lives of our students so our graduates will be:

Christian Disciples

Ephesians 2:10

Compassionate LEaders

Matthew 25:40

Community Builders

Hebrews 10: 24-25

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"I attended Highroad Academy from K-12, and in hindsight, perhaps I didn’t fully recognize it at the time, I think the thing I appreciate the most is that Highroad Academy has been a school that didn't care exclusively about education, but placed a high priority on my spiritual and character formation.  I can look back at those formative years in my life and pinpoint specific teachers and moments that had a tremendous impact on my life; an incredible team of staff that cared, not only about how I performed, but who I was becoming.  It’s because of teachers like them, who built relationship with me (and I continue to enjoy relationship with them today), that not only challenged me, but believed in me too, that has helped shape me into who God has purposed me to be."

Barrie Thiessen

Associate Pastor of City Life Church
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"The position of 'leader' can sometimes be misconstrued as a position to attain to build one's own ego - as a mark of authority or power. A truly effective leader knows that their role is that of building up the team and celebrating the strengths of those around them. At Highroad, I was given the opportunity to join student leadership teams and be mentored by faculty who modelled this attitude and encouraged us to think of initiatives that prioritized the student body and our community rather than personal gains. As I have stepped into subsequent leadership roles in my life, I have been able to build upon the skills I learned at Highroad to subvert traditional stereotypes and hold positions of authority while remaining genuine, supportive, and compassionate towards my team."

Dr. Angela Maccan





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