Made on Purpose for Purpose

Since 1978

From the classroom, to the community, to the world

Our Foundation: CORE VALUES


We view the world through the lens of God's truth.


We value the uniqueness of each individual and love others the way Jesus loves us.


We partner with students, families, and churches as we represent Jesus in our world.


We focus on building integrity and personal excellence in the academic, emotional, and spiritual lives of students.


We persevere through challenges to become who God has created us to be.

Hear it from Them!

"I know my children are loved and safe every day. They are surrounded by those who love God and who love education as well as their students. I myself attended Highroad as a child and have experienced firsthand the type of care and effort put into the students.  I feel very blessed to be able to send our children to this faith-based environment everyday!”
“I love how Highroad feels like one big family. The teachers are caring, even after students have graduated, they still ask how they are!”
“We chose to send our children to Highroad Academy over 11 years ago and it was the best decision for our family. When we send them to school, we are sending them to be part of a community. Where the spirit of excellence, love and prayer is evident in everything that happens there.”
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