Primary department

Representing God in all we do

It is our desire to be Christ–centered in our teaching, our learning, and our interactions with each other. We provide an open and caring learning community where all students feel safe, accepted, and loved, as unique creations of God.Whether using iPads to engage students in rich, real world, curriculum-based lessons and projects,or taking a walk out to our Highroad garden to plant and explore elements in nature, we constantly work to create opportunities for interactional and experiential learning so students can discover the ways that God has made them unique individuals who can recognize they are made on purpose for purpose.

Core programs

Developing and building student learning

While project and play-based learning are at the heart of our approach to teaching, several common programs build throughout the elementary grades starting in the primary department. The Reading and Writing Powers programs are a literature rich program using children's literature to provide structure and examples supporting children in developing their own voice in writing and reading. Spell to Write and Read is a multi-sensory phonemic approach to language arts that progresses from learning phonograms to spelling and reading. Common programs allow Highroad to develop and build students' strengths as they move up to higher grades.

"Why teach at Highroad Academy?  Highroad is more than a school, and working here is more than a job.  Highroad is a community, a family.  From the administration to the support staff, to the parents, this school feels like home.  We grow together professionally, encourage each other in our endeavors to not only be the best teachers we can be, but to be the best people we can be in all areas of our lives."

Ms. Deana Larsson, Kindergarten Teacher
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