Secondary Department


We teach Ministry of Education curriculum from a Christian perspective. Our BC accredited teaching professionals are committed to offering the highest quality of education for each unique student in their class, providing them with a wide variety of opportunities to prepare them for life beyond high school. We offer all courses required for graduation, a variety of electives to support skills and a career program in preparation for the future.

Julie Lade

Vice Principal

It is our intent that students learn to understand, personalize and apply Biblical principles so they are “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (I Peter 3.15). A life of worship, prayer, and devotion is woven into every class, and emphasized through homeroom, Bible classes and Chapel.

We embrace varied instruction to support all learners. Hands-on, inquiry-based, collaborative, and critical-thinking learning opportunities are the focus of our program, and we include technology integration so students have the tools with which they can decipher the world around them. Grade 10-12 students take part in career prep programs as another means of preparing them for the future.

At the high school level, parents are provided access to the online My Education platform where they can view their student’s progress at any time. Parents are also invited to connect with their child’s teachers through email. The school newsletter and the high school instagram provide updates and reminders and we look forward to seeing parents throughout the year at various meetings and events.

We want our students to understand they are agents of change, and that they represent Christ in the world. We serve on our campus, in our community and beyond our borders. Service hours may include working in our school garden, connecting with elementary students, or helping out with church or community organizations. We practice serving so it becomes part of who students are when they leave school.

Our Mission:
Equipping students to achieve academic excellence to pursue their calling; discipling students to become authentic Christians who make a positive impact in their world.