Special Education


We believe every child is created in God’s design. Our desire is that people will see each student first, not their challenge. We partner with parents to provide a collaborative approach to support each student’s education, and our compassionate approach allows us to address each child’s diversity through addressing their distinctive needs in order to bring out their maximum potential.

[popup_trigger id=”8043″ tag=”div” classes=”staff”]Glenda Clark

Special Needs Coordinator


We collaborate with parents, teachers and professionals to provide the services that support students’ unique learning needs. We provide in-school programs, with the goal of fostering a sense of inclusion for all student.

Individualized programming and support, learning assistance and our SNAP (Special Needs Adapted Program) allow us to provide each student with personalized support to address their unique learning style.

We build connections with parents through IEP meetings, regular ongoing home and school communication, and opportunities for our families to connect through social activities.

Our students develop their God given gifts by serving alongside their peers in community outreach, work experience and school activities that give back to the community.

Mission Statement:
We strive to meet students where they are, help them achieve independence, resilience, and bring to fullness their God given gifts; equipping them to achieve their full potential.